Crowns or caps are full coverage restorations done a tooth. In our office crowns are usually done in one visit with CEREC Technology.
All CEREC Crowns are metal free. They are all porcelain restorations.
We use the latest dental technology to provide crowns or caps which are full coverage restorations on a tooth. Almost 100% of the crowns done in our office are done in one visit using CEREC Technology. There are almost never any temporary crowns worn by our patients!! CEREC Crowns provide the most precisely fitting restorations without the hassle of impressions or temporary crowns. In addition, they are metal free. The porcelain is the highest quality available in dentistry today. There are also different types of porcelain available. We have porcelains that stronger when strength is most critical as in the molar areas. We have porcelains that are more esthetic when esthetics are most critical as in the anterior region ( front teeth). A patient at our office leaves with the highest quality crown within a 60 to 90 minute appointment. Our patients are completely done with their crown in one visit and can chew normally without fear of a temporary crown coming off.