The CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Technology) Scanner enhances our office to provide better diagnostic care. This type of radiograph provides us with 3D imaging of your mouth and 33% more information than a 2D x-ray.
CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) has radically changed dentistry. This precise 3D imaging for dentistry allows the doctors to diagnose from accurate, undistorted, one-to-one images. It provides 33% more information than a typical x-ray. This results in greater diagnostic accuracy and diagnostic confidence with 3D imaging. We can diagnose bone density, see pathology, diagnose sinus congestion, see failed root canals in teeth, see cracked teeth, and much more. The 3D imaging system used in our office is Gailileos. Beyond the clinical aspects, Gailileos is a wonderful patient education tool. For the first time, patients can see their anatomy in accurate real-life perspectives that allows patients to understand their own dental health. The Gailileos 3D imaging system includes treatment planning software, integrated implant planning, and the ability to order surgical guides.
In conjunction with the CEREC technology, the Gailileos allows Dr. Balber to do guided implant surgery. Because we can see all important anatomy without distortion, and take accurate measurements, we can place implants with much more precision. Many times no incisions are made, and using custom-made surgical guides, the implant placement is more accurate. Dr. Balber chose the Gailileos 3D imaging system because of its very low radiation compared to other brands of dental 3D. The Gailileos also emits up to 100 times less radiation than traditional CT Scans taken at hospitals. The 3D Scan with the Gailileos is less than half the radiation from a traditional dental full mouth series. Gailileos allows our to provide his patients with state-of-the-art diagnostic ability as well as precision dentistry.