Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are generally made out of titanium and can last a lifetime.
Crowns and bridges can be attached to dental implants. In addition, dental implants can be used to secure and stabilize full dentures and partial dentures. Locators are utilized to attach the full dentures and partial dentures to the dental implants. Dental implants are usually made out of Titanium which is also the metal used in replacing hips and knees. Dental implants are over 95% successful and normally last a lifetime. Root canals which are done routinely in dentistry are only 93% successful. Dental implants are place into the bone in the maxilla and mandible (jawbone), and once it fuses or integrates in with the bone becomes part of the bone forever. We use the highest quality implant materials which are also coated with materials that stimulate bone growth and integration. Straumann and Implant Direct are two of the manufacturers that Dr. Balber utilizes. Due to Dr. Balber’s technology, his office places implants utilizing a “Guided Surgery” implant system. It is the most precise way to place an implant. Guided surgery utilizes a surgical guide that will place the implant in only one position. Using the CEREC and Galileos CT technology, the implant is placed without having to make incisions or using a scalpel. It is precise to hundredths of a milimeter and the patient leaves with no sutures and no bleeding. It is simply amazing technology. It makes the entire implant experience very easy for the patient and the procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes after anesthesia. Sometimes bone has to be added first before an implant can be placed. This is called a ‘bone augmentation” procedure. Implants need to be placed into enough bone to be successful. When done properly, implants are a lifetime proposition over 95% of the time.
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