Pediatric dentistry is dentistry performed on children. Our office  loves seeing children and we provide dentistry in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We generally wants to see children when they get all of their twenty primary/baby teeth. This generally occurs between the age of 21/2 to 3 years of age. The doctors will then perform a dental exam and clean the child’s teeth. This first appointment introduces the child to dentistry in a relaxed and friendly enviornment. It is very important for the child to have a positive first experience at the dentist. Primary or baby teeth are very important even though they will be lost at a later time. Primary teeth help determine how and where the permanent teeth will erupt when they do come in. Much time is spent on oral hygiene instruction with the child and often the parent as well. Orthodontic evaluations are done at each dental exam as well. It is important to catch orthodontic issues early. We love seeing children. However, if the child’s treatment would be better managed at a specialist, we may refer the child to a children’s specialist called a pedodontist.