Only tooth colored resin/composite restorations are only done at our office. They appear natural and are bonded to your tooth structure which strengthens your tooth.
We are a mercury free dental office. Only resin/composite restorations are placed. They are bonded to your tooth structure which research shows actually strengthens your tooth. Your tooth is now stronger after after a tooth colored restoration is bonded to your tooth. Dr. Balber’s office has the latest materials used for resin fillings. There are filling materials that are used that help reduce sensitivity. There are also filling materials that help reduce recurrent decay under the filling for those patients who have a high caries index (get cavities easily or have weaker enamel). Resin bonded restorations last a long time and can be repaired easily as compared to old mercury (alloy) fillings. New resin will bond to old resin whereas old mercury fillings have to be entirely removed when repaired. As old mercury fillings will not bond to the new mercury filling material. In addition, mercury fillings weaken tooth structure, whereas, as already mentioned, bonded resin fillings strengthen tooth structure. Mercury fillings over time will cause teeth to break or shear. You are getting the highest quality of filling materials at our office.
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